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Family Support Resources

  1. Volunteers of America 337-497-0034
    1. Provides mental health and disability services, pregnancy counseling and adoption services, as well as other crisis intervention services.
  2. Imperial Calcasieu Human Services Authority 337-475-8045 or 800-631-8810
    1. Provides support for families living with disabilities.
  3. Families Helping Families of Southwest LA, Inc.  337-436-2570 or 800-894-6558
    1. Provides advocate services for families with disabilities.
  4. Family and Youth Counseling Agencies 337-436-9533
    1. Provides mental health services and supports for family and youth.
  5. Jefferson Davis Parish Health Unit 337-824-2193
    1. Provides free medical services.
  6. Department of Children and Family Services 337- 824-9649
    1. Provides services for the care of children in cases of abuse or neglect.
  7. CART Family in Crisis 1-800-272-8367
  8. ASSIST Agency, Inc.  337-824-7800
    1. Affordable Housing, Shelter Home, Food for Families
  9. Assist Agency Homeless Shelter  337-788-7550
    1. Provides shelter for homeless, as well as assistance in reestablishing self-sufficient lifestyle.