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Counselors Corner

Stress and worry are a part of our daily lives, and our students are no different. 

There are several common situations where students’ anxiety is increased that parents can assist with, such as: 

  • worry that they are not THE best in a given situation
  • willingness to try new things
  • standing up for themselves or someone else
  • knowing how to accomplish what seems like a huge task/goal

Helping your child to like who they are as an individual is one key way to reduce stress and anxiety in children.  Giving your child permission to be their best, not the best at everything, will go a long way in helping them to see that effort, participation, attendance and consistency are the true life skills that will carry them farther than any award, letter grade, or certificate.

Each of us have strengths and talents, and those strengths and talents are different in all of us.  Help your child to see what gifts and talents they possess by:

  • encouraging their interests
  • helping them set short term, concrete, realistic goals and celebrate meeting them
  • helping them to set one or two long term goals, and plan strategies to attain them with checkpoints for progress along the way
  • showing them how to encourage and celebrate others who have talents that are different or more developed than their own
  • Have designated “unplugged” time, specifically away from the stress and pressures associated with the measuring up of social media.
  • Spend time volunteering together, or do some sort of volunteer project at home.  When we are able to help others our perception of our own self-worth increases.