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WAR School Improvement Fall 2020


Fall 2020

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Welsh Roanoke Jr. High Families!

Here at Welsh Roanoke Jr. High our students are just as capable as any students across the US. Every day, we are committed to ensuring that our students have the opportunity to grow and thrive so they can reach their potential. To do this, we need a plan in place to ensure every teacher is prepared to provide every student what they need to be successful.


Creating a Plan for School Improvement

Therefore, as required by state and federal laws and regulations, we submitted a redesign plan to the Louisiana Department of Education in the winter of 2020 to support our school’s improvement.

We received approval of this plan from the Department in spring of 2020.

The key components of our plan that will lead to school improvement include:

•An improved, standards-aligned curriculum for students that meets the criteria to be the highest rated curriculum in the state
•Training for our teachers on the use of this curriculum
•Providing teachers time and resources to plan for effective instruction via weekly, job-embedded professional learning communities
•Providing a multi-tiered system of academic and behavioral supports
•Providing supplemental instructional support of reading and math through computer assisted instruction


Commitment to Welsh Roanoke Jr. High Families

Our goal is to keep you informed, today and throughout the year, on the implementation of our school improvement plan.

Today, we’ll provide information on:

•our school and student performance data that caused the department to identify our school as being in need of improvement;
•overview of our redesign plan;
•timelines for implementation of our plan and attainment of performance goals; and
•implications of our plan for students, families, and educators.

School Performance:

Three Year Trend


School Performance:

Understanding LEAP Achievement Levels

The annual state assessment, LEAP 2025, is divided by five levels of achievement.


Our goal is for every student to reach at least “Mastery

which signals readiness for the next grade level



School Performance:

LEAP Trends Over Time

How have we prepared students

to master grade-level content?


School Performance:
LEAP Trends Over Time with Specific Groups of Students

How have we prepared specific groups of students

to master grade-level content?


Our School Improvement Plan


2020-2021 School Improvement Goals & Priorities

Given the data we’ve shared, Welsh Roanoke is focused on the following priorities for 2020-2021:

  • Grow SPS from 74.1 to 76.1
  • Grow math score (Mastery and above) from 31 to 36
  • Increase “Students with Disabilities” subgroup performance score from an “F” to a “D”

    School Improvement Plan Implementation Timeline 

Here is our timeline for attaining the goals outlined in our school’s improvement plan.

Next Steps

Working Together for School Improvement

We are committed to providing families with meaningful, two-way communication about Welsh Roanoke’s plan

and your child’s academic progress throughout the year.


Here are ways we can partner to meet our plan’s goals:

Communicate with us: Contact your child’s teacher or principal with questions about your child’s progress, learning needs, or school events/programs through email, Facebook, Band app, phone, or call and schedule a face-to-face conference.
Support learning at home: Utilize our YouTube and Khan Academy or WAR Google Classroom classes for up-to-date academic instruction, asking questions, or viewing current instruction videos that our teachers post regularly.
Frequently access Jeff Davis Student Progress CenterThis is an online site which provides access to your child’s attendance, grades, and progress reports.



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Michael Fontenot, Principal

Phone: 337.753.2317