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WAR Return to School FAQ

***COVID-19 Guiding Factors***

The guiding factors from the medical community, including our Regional Department of Health, for opening schools are the following:

1.      Maintain a minimum six foot distance to the maximum extent possible
2.      Wear facial coverings
3.      Practice excellent hygiene and routinely clean surfaces.

This will require ongoing diligence from school staff, parents, students, and visitors. The above requirements will drive the remainder of this student year for the foreseeable future. Since policies, procedural updates, and breakthroughs are happening regularly, please be aware that as addendums to this document are required, we will send them out as a Band app post, Facebook post, website update, and/or jCampus callout. The following information is based on the best practices, policies, and procedures as they are understood as of 8-10-20. 


The WAR faculty is excited and will be prepared to educate your students. They are just as excited to get into a routine as you are for your students. We added the word “maximize” to the student motto last year and it has not changed.

 “Welsh Roanoke Jr. High will provide all students with a safe, positive, and supportive learning environment where student academic achievement is maximized.”

The campus will be ready and procedures will be in place to maximize student safety, support, and learning. 

Face Coverings:

Faculty, staff, and grades 3-12 students must wear face coverings at school. On the bus, all students must wear a face covering. Masks and neck gaiters are the only allowable face coverings. Teachers with specific needs should go to the personnel office. Students with medical exemptions must fill out the district-approved form and attach a medical diagnosis.

Isolation room:

For WAR students that come in with a temperature of 100.4 or higher, every attempt will be made to get an approved adult to come and pick them up ASAP. Until they are picked up, they will be supervised in an isolation room as defined by the LDOE Strong Start Initiative. Those isolated students must remain masked, six feet apart, and the room disinfected ASAP. While nurses may assist with the evaluation, determination, and integrity of providing guidance to maintaining a clean environment, they will not be the ones monitoring students while we are waiting for a parent.


The WAR library will be treated the same as all other rooms on campus. We will explore the possibility of static groups eventually visiting the library at the same time if the library's high touch surfaces are disinfected. We will allow students to eventually check out books, but they are not allowed to “browse the shelves” touching multiple books and putting them back on the shelf. There will be a system in place for students to request books and have them either delivered to the student on campus or the student come in and pick up their book. When students return books, those books will be removed from circulation and placed in a secure area to “quarantine” for at least 3 days per regulations. There may also be other processes in place to maximize student opportunity to check out books outside of our library.

Temperature/symptom checks:

All faculty, staff, and students must be checked on a daily basis. WAR faculty and staff will have their temperatures checked and high traffic/touch areas disinfected multiple times throughout the day. This information will be recorded each day. 


Check our WAR website for the school supply list. 

Virtual school:

We will be using the email that was used by parents to receive Virtual School info to share WAR info with these students. Also check our Facebook and Band app for up to date info.

To-Go Lunches/Breakfasts for A/B/Full Virtual Students:

A/B Students:  As of now, WAR A/B day students do not have to take a breakfast/lunch for their non-school days at the end of their school day. The district decided to do a one week push.  For example, an A day student will get their meals for their non-school days of the week on Monday.  B day students will get their meals for their non-school days of the week on Tuesday. This will start around the first week in September.

Full Virtual:  The JDP Child Nutrition Program is excited to offer WAR students who are learning from home the opportunity to still enjoy our delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunch meals!!  ***Meals are ONLY for students participating in the Jefferson Davis Parish Virtual Academy.  

Meals will be distributed weekly as a Grab & Go beginning in early to mid September.  The specific date and times for distribution will be determined once our WAR food service settles into the new procedures by the end of this month. Forms will be sent out. *****If interested, parent's/guardian's MUST complete and submit this form by WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2020.  If you would like to take advantage, please complete one form per student and include a working phone number so that you may be contacted concerning your date and time for pick up.

The student must be present.  If not present, a consent form must be completed by the person picking up the meals.  If you have any questions, please contact The Child Nutrition Program Offices at 824-1969.


Bus riders will follow the driver’s instructions supplied by the district’s transportation director through JDP social media. 


Students will be required to bring their own water to school. We will have a small number of water bottles available for emergencies. This helps ensure that we eliminate the water fountains as a common vector for viral transmission.


We would like for car drop off or those students who walk to school to get here no earlier than 7:20. We realize that there may be mornings that students need to be dropped off a little earlier, but 7:20 ensures that we are staffed to meet the district’s expectations for “static groups”. For those students who are being picked up by shuttle busses at WES, we will have duty teachers there as usual and you will be required to follow WES guidelines for bus pickup. Upon arrival at WAR, you will have your temp checked. If it is below 100.4F you may proceed to either pick up your breakfast to-go and bring it to your 1st hour class to eat OR after your temp check go straight to your 1st hour class. We will have extra staff the first few days to assure that ALL students know where their homeroom (1st hour) class is located. Students will receive a copy of their schedule in their homeroom (1st hour). Teachers will take time to ensure that all students are comfortable transitioning to their next class.

Transitions Between Classes:

Transitions between classes are set up to almost eliminate the opportunity for students to cross in the halls. There will be several “stages” of transitions between classes. These will become quicker and more natural as it is repeated each day. We are spending a large amount of time focusing on COVID guidelines, minimizing opportunities for students to come into direct contact with anyone, and being less than 6 feet from others. We assure you that administration and staff will be verifying throughout the day that students are following these COVID guidelines as well. Parents, please help us instill the seriousness of what we are all trying to do. We will need the help of our students. 


Students will stay in static groups to get their food, eat, and travel back to their 4th hour class. We will be utilizing several non-traditional locations so that we can maintain our normal school schedule. Students just need to follow the directions of their 4th hour teachers. We will allow students to interact to the maximum extent possible while following our COVID guidance.


Dismissal will be staged similarly to the other transitions during the day. Shuttle bus students will be released in stages. Once we begin sending students home with meals for their non-school days, we will integrate that into dismissal for those days. Once we have shuttle busses loaded, they will leave to go to WES. Car riders will then be called down. Car rider procedures are still being worked through. Our goal is to get everyone off campus in a quick and efficient manner while still maintaining our COVID policies. 

Classroom Cleaning Between Classes:

Teachers and custodians will wipe down “high touch” surfaces per JDP requirements between classes and throughout the day. Teachers will attend to their classes during transitions and custodians will attend to the rest of campus multiple times a day. 

Virtual Fridays for A/B Students

We want our virtual Fridays for our A/B students to be organized and operate on a predictable schedule.  While that schedule will be a work-in-progress for the first few weeks, we envision it to work as follows:

7:20am-9am -Departmental PLCs/Grading/Recording/Intervention Planning

9am-12:00pm -Virtual interaction with students through Google Meet following an 

established schedule that can be planned around for both teachers and those 

students that need the review or have questions about the weeks critical 

standards and concepts

Lunch -Faculty lunch

12:30-3:00 -Continuation of virtual classroom interaction through email/phone 

(Students can email teachers and teachers will attempt to respond quickly with additional help, links to reviews that can be accessed by cell phone, or a teacher may opt to call a student using the school’s phone. We do not want teachers to use their personal cell phone to talk with students.)

WAR Athletics, Support Programs, and Extracurricular:

JDP is NOT cancelling the middle school season or any middle school sport or activity, however we agree that postponing the middle school football season as we traditionally know it must take place.  There are several safety, as well as logistical concerns, that would hinder WAR from proceeding as normal at this time. Although academics must continue to be our district priority, we understand the significant importance and enrichment that the extra and co curricular activities bring to the lives of our students and communities. We will learn more as our high school sports get back operational to assist us in developing this plan.


The safety of our staff and students remains our primary concern. All visitors

to the WAR campus will be expected to wear masks and maintain social

distancing guidelines. We are asking visitors to WAR who exhibit the following to refrain from

visiting our school campuses:

a. Fever of 100.4F or greater

b. Cough

c. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

d. Active vomiting or diarrhea


Participation is important to help us take precautionary measures to protect our

visitors, students, and staff in the building. Exceptions: Outside programs or

agencies who normally visit our schools are prohibited from doing so until further

notice. Outside visitors will not be allowed to visit classrooms or other common areas

on our campuses. Until further notice, no outside deliveries (e.g. cupcakes, cookies,

cakes, flowers, etc.) will be delivered to classrooms or students.



Almost EVERY aspect of daily life that was considered “normal” before March 13th is now, AT MINIMUM, under scrutiny. Something as simple as students borrowing a pencil now has to be handled through our COVID policy to keep students safe. We consider it a sound investment to have in-person education at this time.  I have 100% confidence that the adults on this campus will take these requirements very seriously and work diligently to enforce them. Parents, please impress this upon your students. GEAUX Warpups!


District Information:

The following link will take you to the district’s Return-To-School document.




Michael Fontenot, WAR Principal